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ES Partners With Zuma To Offer Unique US Camps

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We’ve got some thrilling news that will add an extra sparkle to your summer plans. After offering awesome summer programs in popular locations such as Dubai, London, Cape Town and Mauritius, we are taking things to the next level. ES Camps, the masters of fun-filled summer adventures, have teamed up with Zuma Education, the experts in tailored language programs, to bring you incredible English learning summer camps in some of the most popular cities in the United States!

Picture this: sunny days in Los Angeles, the vibrant buzz of Miami, or the electrifying energy of New York City. Now, add a dash of language learning, a sprinkle of adventure, and an exciting social program — that’s what you get when ES Camps and Zuma Education join forces!

Shoutout to our new locations!

Get ready to jet-set into the heart of three incredible cities. Miami’s beachy vibes, New York’s bustling streets, and the magical glamour of Los Angeles are the perfect places to begin your summer camp experience! Join us as we dive into the language, culture, and sheer excitement of these fantastic locations.

Our New Locations

ES Camps Summer program Adventure camp


By partnering with Zuma, we are bringing our adventure-packed camp experience to this vibrant city, where language learning meets the rhythm of salsa and the artistry of vibrant street murals. Immerse yourself in Miami’s vibes, from beachside fun to exploring its colorful neighborhoods!

New York

Imagine building your language skills while wandering through the renowned Central Park, chatting with locals and discovering the city’s cultural treasures, from Broadway shows to the world-famous museums. Get ready for a memorable language adventure camp in New York City!

ES Camps Summer program Adventure camp
ES Camps Summer program Adventure camp

Los Angeles

From exploring Hollywood’s iconic landmarks to hiking in the nearby hills for spectacular views and soaking in the Californian sun, explore the city that’s as diverse as it is glamorous. Get set to experience a unique language immersion program in the heart of Los Angeles!

Why us?

1. Learning English in a Whole New Way: Imagine learning English not just from books but by diving into the heart of Los Angeles, Miami, or New York! With ES Camps by Zuma Education, you’ll learn English and explore these incredible cities. It’s not just about words; it’s about experiencing the language in action!

2. Unforgettable Adventures: ES Camps is all about adventure and fun. Combine that with Zuma’s expertise, and you have an exciting mix! From thrilling outdoor activities to creative learning opportunities, get ready for a camp packed with unforgettable experiences.

3. Dive into Diverse Cultures: Joining this program means immersing yourself in cultural diversity, meeting new friends from around the globe, and broadening your horizons like never before in these world-famous cities.

4. Expert Guidance: Rest assured, you’ll be in good hands. ES Camps and Zuma Education bring years of experience. From expert instructors to tour guides, your journey will be both enriching and enjoyable.

5. Lifelong Memories: This isn’t just any summer program; it’s a chance to create memories that will last a lifetime. Imagine the stories you’ll have to share after a summer filled with language learning, adventures, and new friendships in iconic American cities!

If you’re ready for an action-packed, language-learning extravaganza in the US, ES Camps and Zuma Education have your back! It’s time to turn your summer into an epic adventure that blends learning, fun, and new experiences in the most incredible way.

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