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Summer Camp Packing Checklist: Essentials for a Fun Experience

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Are you excited and ready to have the summer camp adventure of your lifetime? We can already feel the energy and anticipation in the air! Firstly, checking the ongoing weather of the place you are visiting will help you decide what to pack. To ensure you have a fantastic and worry-free time, we’ve put together a handy packing list to help you be organised and ready for the incredible experiences that await you. So let’s dive right in!


Travel documents: Passport – Keep it safe, as it’s the most important proof of identification for international travel. Also carry other recognised identification documents.

Money: Cash, international debit or credit cards.

Clothing Essentials

When it comes to packing clothes, comfort and versatility are key. Consider the climate and activities at your camp destination, but don’t forget to pack these essentials in your study and travel backpacks:

T-shirts: Pack enough for each day, along with a few extras, just in case.

Shorts/Pants: Bring a mix of both, depending on the weather.

Sweatshirt/Jacket: Even in warmer locations, nights can get chilly.

Underwear and socks: Pack extra pairs to keep you feeling fresh.

Swimwear: Don’t forget your favourite swimsuit for pool or beach activities.

Sleepwear: Pyjamas or comfortable clothes for a good night’s sleep.

Raincoat/Poncho: Be prepared for unexpected showers.


Comfortable and appropriate footwear is a must to keep your feet happy throughout the study and travel programs:

Sneakers/Trainers: Ideal for most activities, including hiking or sports.

Sandals/Flip-flops: Great for casual outings and hot days.

Socks: Pack enough pairs for daily use, plus a few extras.


Make it a point to maintain your personal hygiene while away from home. Here are some essential toiletries to pack:

Toothbrush and toothpaste: Keep those pearly whites clean and healthy.

Soap/Shower gel and shampoo: Stay fresh and clean after activities.

Deodorant: Choose a long-lasting one to combat odours.

Sunscreen: Skin protection from harmful UV rays.

Insect repellent: Ward off those pesky bugs.

Towel: Pack a quick-drying and lightweight towel.

Bedding and Linens

While most accommodations at the summer camps provide bedding, it’s a good idea to check beforehand. If necessary, pack the following:

Sleeping bag: Choose a lightweight and portable option.

Pillow and pillowcase: Personalise your sleeping comfort.

Bed sheets or sleeping bag liner: Add an extra layer of cleanliness and comfort.

Electronics and Gadgets

While it’s great to disconnect and enjoy nature, some gadgets you may want to have handy can include:

Cell phone: Stay connected with friends and family back home.

Chargers: Chargers and cables for all your electronics.

Camera: Capture unforgettable moments.
Power bank: Keep your devices charged during outings.

Adapter: If travelling to a country with different electrical outlets.


There are some essential accessories that can be useful during the trip, such as:

Backpack/Daypack: Carry your essentials during excursions.

Hat/Cap and sunglasses: Protect yourself from the sun.

Miscellaneous Items

These additional items can come in handy during your summer camp adventure with ES Camps:

Stationery: A notebook, pen/pencil to take notes and learn English your way.

Entertainment: Books, card games, or other small activities for downtime.

Medicines: Your routine medications (check if you need to carry the prescriptions and translations for travelling) and other general ones for flu, cold, aches, allergies, etc.

With this comprehensive study and travel packing checklist, you’re all set to have a fantastic time at your international summer camp. Remember, it’s always better to double-check with the camp organisers about any specific requirements or restrictions.

Lastly, don’t forget the most important item: an open mind and a positive attitude. Embrace new experiences, make lifelong friends, create unforgettable  memories and enjoy every moment with ES Camps!

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