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Tips to Overcome Homesickness at Summer Camps

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Ready to hop onto that plane for an unforgettable international summer camp experience? We bet you’re thrilled with excitement! Yet, there might be a bit of homesickness. We’ve got you covered with some fantastic tips to ensure your camp adventures are not disturbed by longing for home. So, let’s conquer that homesickness and make your camp experience an extraordinary memory!

Embrace the Cultural Dive

The beauty of international summer camps is the unique opportunity to immerse yourself in a new culture. Focus on that! Learn the local language, try new cuisines, and engage in local customs and traditions. The more you delve into these new experiences, the less room there will be for homesickness.

Carry a Piece of Home

Being in a completely new and unfamiliar place, it is common to miss your usual things and routines that you are used to. So, let’s make the unfamiliar familiar! How? Pack small but meaningful items from home, like photographs, a favourite book, your comfy old pyjamas, or even your favourite snack (if allowed!). These items will not replace home, but they can provide comfort when feeling out of your element.

Stay Engaged, Stay Excited

Keep your schedule filled with exciting activities! The key to overcoming homesickness is to stay engaged. Participate in all the camp activities, explore your surroundings, and socialise with fellow campers. With the exciting social activities programme at ES Camps, we always ensure our students have the most engaging and fun-filled adventure of their lifetime.

Create Global Friendships

At our international summer camp for teens, you’ll meet kids worldwide. This is an incredible opportunity to develop new friendships. Share stories, learn about each other’s cultures, and support each other. This will not only help you avoid being homesick but also improve your interaction with others, which will eventually lead to long-term relationships with them.

Moderate Communication with Home

While it’s comforting to chat with your family back home, try not to do it excessively. Too much communication might intensify your longing. A balance is crucial here. Set a schedule – maybe a call or video chat every few days, just enough to reassure you (and them!) that everything’s going great with the best summer camp experience.

Practise Mindfulness

This one’s a gem. Pay attention to your surroundings and live in the moment. Listen to the rustle of the wind, feel the warmth of the foreign sun, and taste the novelty of local cuisine. Mindfulness not only helps you appreciate the new environment but also distracts your mind from missing home.

Acknowledge Your Feelings

Homesickness is entirely natural, and it’s perfectly okay to feel it. Recognise your feelings, and don’t beat yourself up about them. Talk to a trusted friend or camp leaders about it. Remember, acknowledging your feelings is a crucial step towards overcoming them.

Celebrate Your Bravery

Last but not least, give yourself a pat on the back. You’re brave! You’ve stepped out of your comfort zone, and that’s a big deal. Celebrate your courage, and use that positive energy to fuel your camp adventures.

Summer camps are a golden way to live up to incredible experiences. It might feel overwhelming at first, but with these strategies, you can keep homesickness at bay and make your summer camp a joyful and enriching experience. So, pack up, buckle in, and prepare to collect some fantastic memories. Happy exploring with ES Camps!

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