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A Historic Journey In Dubai: Heritage Village And Old Town

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You might be familiar with the luxurious side of Dubai, but did you know it also has a unique part that offers a rare glimpse into the traditional soul of the city? Hidden beneath the shadow of the tall skyscrapers and modern architecture lies a rich treasure of culture and history waiting to be discovered. This summer season, join us on a fascinating exploration of Dubai’s past with exciting tales of traditions and heritage.

Heritage Village: The Gateway to Tradition

Get ready for an adventure through the golden days of Dubai that transports you back to the time before the oil boom. Imagine walking through narrow lanes flanked by traditional houses and mud-brick structures, each telling a story of the traditional lifestyle of the Emiratis by the sea. The air is filled with the scent of spices and the sound of traditional Emirati music, setting the stage for an immersive cultural experience.

Heritage Village is not just a static museum; it’s a living representation of Emirati life. Artisans craft pottery, weave fabric, and demonstrate age-old fishing techniques, offering insights into the creativity and hard work of the people. Don’t miss the chance to sip on Arabic coffee or try your hand at traditional crafts. It’s an interactive history lesson that captivates all ages.

A Stroll Through Time: Old Town Dubai

From the Heritage Village, we will visit the heart of Old Town, featuring alleyways that whisper stories from the days of the UAE’s history. Here, the past and present combine into a beautiful display of experiences that will let you feel the Arabic culture.

summer school summer season

The Spice Souk: A Feast for the Senses

This vibrant souk is where the air is full of the aromas of cinnamon, saffron, and incense. Rows upon rows of colourful spices, herbs, and teas are a stunning scene, with each stall offering a window into the culinary traditions that have flavoured Emirati cuisine for centuries. Engage with friendly vendors, and you might just uncover the secret ingredients to the perfect Emirati dish.

The Gold Souk: Where Luxury Meets Tradition

A short walk from the Spice Souk, the Gold Souk glitters with the promise of treasure. This is one of the world’s largest gold markets, where jewellery ranging from delicate ornaments to amusing gold chains is displayed in dazzling style. Even if you’re not in the market to buy, just viewing this spectacular attraction is worth the visit. The Gold Souk showcases Dubai’s old days when the city was a hub of trade and wealth.

Al Fahidi Historical Neighbourhood: A Journey Back in Time

Our exploration takes us deeper into the Al Fahidi Historical Neighbourhood, an area that best captures the essence of old Dubai. With its winding alleys and high tower houses designed to catch the cool breeze, this neighbourhood offers peaceful relaxation from the city’s busy life. The beautifully restored buildings now house art galleries, cafes, and museums to experience the cultural soul of the city.

Connecting with Culture

The Heritage Village and Old Town Tour is more than just a walk through historic sites; it’s an invitation to connect with the culture and people of Dubai. You can also participate in a traditional Emirati meal, where you’ll learn about the customs and etiquette of communal dining. These enriching cultural experiences make our camps programme a much better choice than a simple summer school.

The legacy of the traders, pearl divers, and Bedouins (nomadic Arab tribes who used to live here) continues to shape modern Dubai. This journey is more than a tourist attraction; it’s a vibrant experience of stories, traditions, and cultural knowledge that connects us to the soul of Dubai. It reminds us that in the middle of rapid development and futuristic ambitions, the essence of a place is rooted in its history and people. So, when you visit Dubai, go beyond the skyscrapers and shopping malls to witness the warmth of its remarkable heritage.

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